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            Respectful Workplace - Harassment Prevention
            E-Learning Program

            At HR Proactive Inc., we are constantly working to offer our customers high-value products and services that provide solutions for challenges affecting employee productivity, workplace well-being and compliance with legislation. Our new Respectful Workplace-Harassment Prevention e-Learning program includes different versions tailored to the needs of both employees and managers, and can be accessible for your employees 24/7.

            HR Proactive Inc.’s expertise in human rights can offer your company a cost-effective, efficient, sustainable online solution. Our content team will work with you to customize your training, and our production team will add just the right amount of flair to capture your audience’s attention, but not break your budget!

            The cornerstone of your compliance is due diligence:

            All employers in Canada are currently required to establish due diligence in ensuring employees work in a harassment-free environment. This means having written policies, practices and procedures in place, and providing appropriate training for employees and supervisors. Our Respectful Workplace e-Learning can provide the information, education and practical guidance you need to help your managers, supervisors and employees understand and deal with workplace harassment. This approach will ensure your employees have access to this valuable information any time required.

            Reduce the risk and potential costs:

            Employers can face many direct and indirect costs if they are unprepared to deal with harassment in the workplace, including:
            • Possible litigation or grievances due to non-compliance with human rights legislation

            • Employee health issues: Stress, poor morale, employee apathy and loss of motivation and participation

            • Productivity issues: increased absenteeism and turnover.

            Our online compliance course on Respectful Workplace-Harassment Prevention will do much more than just explain Rights & Responsibilities. It will help your employees understand and manage the behaviour that impacts the workplace and could pose a risk of complaint or possible litigation.

            Course Features
            • Manager and Employee versions of the program
            • Interactive Q & As that facilitate experiential learning
            • Applicable human rights law as it applies to all the Canadian provinces
            • Ability to print off a certificate of completion
            Get the benefits of Harassment Prevention

            • Prevent complaints that can lead to expensive litigation
            • Be proactive in meeting your company’s due diligence
            • Reduce your training costs and instruction time
            • Conveniently train employees in multiple locations
            • Provide a clear consistent message to all employees

            "HR Proactive’s E-learning is an integral part of our in-service training, involving all our employees and our commitment to a respectful workplace.?br> Maria Skitch
            Director, Human Resources
            Mazda Canada
            • Provide training, written by former Ontario Human Rights Commission staff

            For more information on our Harassment Prevention programs, please contact us at:
            Toll Free: 1 (888) 552-1155
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